STEM MAD National 

'Inspired to lead for a better future'

What is STEM MAD & STEM MAD National?

The STEM MAD Student Showcase is a celebration of student learning designed to acknowledge and promote STEM learning initiatives that address real-world problems and demonstrate the particularity of Catholic Schools; encouraging students to make a difference (MAD) in the world by acting for justice and the common good. This aligns with the papal call for action in Laudato Si': On Care for our Common Home

STEM MAD has been taking place in Melbourne since 2018 and the inaugural STEM MAD National took place as an online awards event and student showcase in 2021 at the NCEC conference, with dioceses from around Australia participating.

STEM MAD National is a celebration of excellence in Catholic education, in which the nation's best primary, secondary and 'Future is STEM' student teams, nominated by their dioceses, showcase their projects to conference participants, diocesan representatives, sponsors and affiliated organisations, school communities and their fellow students. 

Recording of  the Live  stream is here:   Ask your teacher for the password


Live FM Broadcast from the live showcase on 9th November

You can listen at or on the LIVE FM app (for IOS and Android phones/iPads/tablets). The best way to download the app is by going to home page and click on the links for App Store or Google Play Store. 

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Awards - STEM MAD National 2023
Schedule National STEM MAD 2023.pdf
Information Session 17 Oct 2023.mp4

Online recording of Information Session

17 October, 2023

Slide Deck - School Information Session - STEM MAD National 2023

Slide Deck School Information Session

17 October 2023

A STEM MAD School Story of Practice

Interview with a winning school

St Fidelis School, Moreland - STEM MAD 2020.mp4

Coming Together for the Common Good

Schools celebrate our shared purpose

PRAYER STEM MAD National prayer .mp4

How do I participate in STEM MAD National?

In order to participate in STEM MAD National, primary and secondary student teams from across Australia participate in their own diocesan or statewide STEM showcases. The showcases may take place digitally or face to face depending on the context of the schools involved. A number of dioceses already have some form of STEM competitions, celebrations or showcase challenges which can be easily leveraged into participation for STEM MAD National. Prospective participants are required to address the STEM MAD National Project Criteria and must be able to demonstrate that they have met the criteria's standards when presenting their projects.  

Following their own individual showcases each diocese or state will be responsible for nominating up to three projects per category (primary, secondary and 'Future is STEM'), which best demonstrate their learning and meet the project criteria for possible representation at STEM MAD National (Online Awards program and Student Showcase)

The STEM MAD National Advisory Committee - a Committee made up of representatives from each participating state - share the curating and judging of the projects against the criteria and make the final decision on which projects receive the awards and are invited to attend STEM MAD National showcase in Melbourne. 

What is 'Future is STEM'?

The 'Future is STEM' project category was created when it became apparent that there were students creating extremely impressive integrated STEM projects which demonstrated all the STEM capabilities but didn't quite meet the 'MAD' criteria. In order to continue to encourage those students to participate in STEM MAD and celebrate their demonstrated understanding of STEM the 'Future is STEM' category was born. This category continues to produce exciting, skilled projects, including those from senior students working in highly technical disciplines such as Product Design or Systems Engineering.  Examples of projects which have been classified as 'Future is STEM' can be found on this site under the 'Showcase Winners' page. 

CELEBRATE students taking action that makes a difference

SHOWCASE deep learning projects driven by a real-world problem

ENGAGE schools in effective STEM based multidisciplinary inquires

PROMOTE high quality STEM education for future focused learning

CONTEXTUALISE STEM in the core curriculum

ENACT SOCIAL JUSTICE for the Common Good