Sponsored Awards 

Major sponsors provide special awards, which may include specific design briefs and project criteria aligned to their organisational vision and value propositions. These include:

Catholic Network Australia

Andy Thomas Space Foundation

SEAM (Social Enterprise Asset Management)

Arkaroola Education & Research Foundation

Andy Thomas Space Foundation: STEM in Space

The Andy Thomas Space Foundation (ATSF) mission is to promote social wellbeing and overcome disadvantage in Australia and to advocate in favour of space as a domain for international cooperation and peaceful coexistence, building a culture of entrepreneurship and igniting a curiosity for space and related scientific activities among young Australians.

SMN Design Process A4 ATSF.pdf
ATSF STEM in Space_ STEM MAD National Project Criteria 2022 - Primary .pdf
ATSF STEM in Space_ STEM MAD National Project Criteria 2022 - Secondary (1).pdf

SEAM: STEM for Sustainability

SEAM is a social enterprise  inspired by the UN Sustainable Development goals and Laudato Si'. 

SEAM seeks to proactively care for our common home, foster future stewards of our planet, and promote socio-economic equality. Inspired by Pope Francis's call in Laudato Si', to respond to the cry of the earth, and the cry of the poor, the SEAM mission is to 'Empower Sustainable Journeys' whilst serving the disadvantaged.

SMN Design Process A4 SEAM.pdf

Arkaroola Education & Research Foundation: STEM for Conservation

The Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the northern Flinders Ranges is an area of breathtaking beauty and profound significance for scientific research and conservation of intact arid-land ecosystems. It is internationally recognised for its geological features reaching back 2 billion years; spectacular landscapes; biodiversity assets including endemic and endangered species and cultural history of the Adnyamathanha people.

The Arkaroola Education & Research Foundation has been established to foster an interest in natural science and create pathways for young students to engage with and pursue careers in the various science disciplines; particularly geology, astronomy, ecology and biology.

SMN Design Process A4 Ark.pdf
Arkaroola STEM Challenge Projects 2022.pdf
Primary Arkaroola STEM Challenge - Save the Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby.pdf
Arkaroola Secondary STEM challenge - Water for Wallabies.pdf
Arkaroola Secondary STEM Challenge - Water for Wildlife.pdf
Arkaroola Secondary STEM Challenge - Catch the Cactus.pdf